Thursday, November 10, 2011


There is climbing and then there is sandstone multi pitch crack climbing. I understand that once in a while you have to step over your comfort- and pain level as a rock climber, but in crack climbing I have to do this all the time and I have not found sanity yet. Makes for exiting days though, there is never a dull moment.
A friend of mine, Lisi Steurer, finally made it over from Austria for a visit. After a couple of warm up days on Grotto Mountain we hit the road for the search of warmer temperatures and adventure, we would find it 2 days and 2000km later in Zion National Park.
Every climber we met down there told us that they have been in Indian Creek prior to Zion and that it was so much better quality. But Lisi and I were mesmerized by the shear beauty of the Canyon and the unbelievable amount of big walls surrounding it. Sure, there was some sand to be had, and the cracks might not be as "pure", but for our part we fell in love with Zion's "adventure" climbs for 11 days, and I hope I make it back down there again in the future. So much more on the wish list now, below and here a few impressions from down there.
"Freak Show" was one of those climbs. You've got to negotiate some pretty crappy terrain to gain two fantastic pitches up high. (above and below)

The endless layback on the 3 pitch Lab Dance, and the incredible 7th pitch of "Shunes Buttress" on Red Arch Mountain below.

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