Wednesday, July 1, 2009

wet outside, wetter inside

Kimbi surprised me with a little get away from Canada and the family and sent me for almost 3 weeks back home to Austria, thanks again. I sure was exited when she told me and I had all this plans dream routes on my mind which I wanted to do with my old friends over there. Although I did not climb any of my planned routes due to fairly wet conditions and other wet, mostly self made reasons, I still had a good time over there. For instance, I was able to break a new alcohol record for myself, which is quite remarkable for the age of 40. I saw a lot of sunrises without sun, all of them on the way home from a bar or friends. There was not a single night where I went to bed before one, and in most cases I would not have been able to even spell the word sober anymore.
Toni, who had to drive 2 times to Munich airport at 5 in the morning to get me, is pictured on one of the rare sunny days, on a nice, 6 pitch route in the Lienzer Dolomites. The lower 2 pictures on the left here are taken on my last day over there, which was the accumulation of my 20 days in the darkness of unsoberness. I spare you and myself with the details, but Ines, Lisi and foremost Paul were the unfortunate ones to witness it and I'm sure they are happy to tell you.