Sunday, November 23, 2008

horizontal ice!

Finally a successful day on the ice! We (Luka, Bella and myself) had a blast skating on Vermillion Lakes nearby Banff today. Luka was so keen that he did not want to leave, and after 4 hours on the ice I had to talk him into going home. Now they are playing Aliens in a space ship upstairs and whenever I pass by they shoot me. I wonder where they got this from, at 4 and a half I was still scared of Kasperl and co.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the Replicant

This is the second post in a row of a route I have not done, which tells you a lot about my successful outings this fall. Just before my painful managers meetings in Banff, which are usually 3 days of sitting on my ass, I decided to make a free solo attempt of the "Replicant" on the Terminator Wall. I climbed the route years ago with Hans H., and I still remember the great day we two austrians had up there. I left home at 11a.m and on the drive to Banff I could spot a party on the first pitch. Since the climb is only two 70m pitches long and the approach about 2 hours, I thought the climbers will be long gone by the time I reach the base. Well, I was wrong! The second climber just started following the first pitch when I arrived at the base, and after watching the paint dry for an hour I went home again. It would have been perfect conditions with temperatures hovering around zero, and I was obviously quite disappointed. Now I have my meetings and after that the kids for 6 days, since Kimbi went for a family visit to Ontario. Don't take me wrong, I am looking forward having the kids all by myself for a few days and do some bonding time, but I still have a hard time accepting the fact, that I got hosed today by someone who would have been better of on an easier climb.

Friday, November 14, 2008

in the ice again!

the ice season is on! I was quite slow to react due to various injuries, which kept me focusing more on my work at the lodge and family and simply the couch. I managed to get out and climb Nemesis with Steve H. and Aaron B., which was a blast, and a couple of days later I had a morning session on easy ice in Ranger Creek with Provincal Park boy Steve. Today we had an alpine start for an alpinish route in Kananaskis Country. Our goal was the massive east face of MT. Sorrel, which has some stunning lines to offer. Unfortunately it had snowed a bit too much overnight with strong winds from the SW and we had to bail due to avalanche hazard below and above our attended route. Steve enjoys his sandwich in way or another and Lila, who bravely joined us for the day, had to watch with disgust. Back in Canmore for lunch time with the family without swinging a tool!