Tuesday, February 5, 2013

switching to the dark side

This friendly place in Revy was my home for the last 15 nights.
Fortunate circumstances got me to guide a private heli snowboard trip around Revelstoke. 
After a couple years of collecting dust I even got to put on my own board, shredding in powder with unlimited vertical is so much fun. 
One helicopter, 2 guides, 4 guests and great snow... what more needs to be said
Peter, a long time Revy guests, makes snowboarding look very effortless.

Nick spend more time in the air than elsewhere.

but seems to have a lot of fun doing so.

The only 2 hours of sunshine we had in 2 weeks...

...but the snow is always the best when it falls fresh from the sky

or shortly thereafter. Nick can't even stay grounded on the glacier