Thursday, August 21, 2008

family adventure in the Bobbie Burns

The summer in the Burns is going pretty good so far, the weather is quite a mixed bag, with rain being the main ingredient of the mix. Last tour I was able to bring my kids up with Kimbi, and we had a great time. Since it was a family adventure trip, my kids got out everyday on a hike with 9 other kids. They truly enjoyed the helicopter rides, the interaction with the other kids, and wondering around in the mountains with something new to discover around every corner. Luka was so trashed after the 3rd day, that he had to go to bed at 5p.m. and slept until the next morning at 8. I'm already looking forward to next years family adventure!
This is Carl (showing the direction of the future of our summer program) on the first tower of our Via Ferrata, which got finally completed a week ago and is the absolute winner with the guests.