Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Mt. Logan

Just in time for Fathers day I returned from our trip to the highest mountain in Canada. Gone for 25 days was the longest stretch away from my kids since they are born, and I sure was glad to hold them in my arms again. Although we did not summit, it was still a very memorable and enjoyable journey. Since I really don't know how to sum up a long trip like that in a short blog posting, I just show a few pictures of our time on the mountain. 
Thanks to Jen, Juho S., Juho R., Kenneth (wish you could have been there longer) and all the special and helpful people we met in the Yukon, 
for a wonderful time in one of the most spectacular places I have seen in this world.
Juho R. in the icefall between camp one and King Col

Juho S. at the crux section above King Col

impressive landscape in the upper King Trench

we spend 5 nights in a row at King Col at 4100m, King Peak looming 1000m above us

pulling the plug in bad weather, Juho R. pulling heavy loads in zero visibility on our retread 

a rare glimpse of King Peak and the Trench from a mountain I climbed during our 4 day wait to fly out

little person in big country, just above basecamp

another stormy day at King Col

40cm overnight 

our camp at King Col

the last sunny day, views from the "Football Field" at 4900m towards King Trench and Alaska
at this time we were the only human beings left in over 120km in any direction,
a pretty special feeling

a creation of snow, wind and midnight sun