Friday, June 20, 2008

after almost 3 years

Only a week left, time flies by when you have fun! This is/was so far an awesome trip, a mixture between visiting friends and family, spending quality time with my wife and the kids, climbing, and of course drinking lots. Although it did rain every day at least once since my arrival, I was able to get out climbing every 3rd day or so. There are some great bad weather areas close to my hometown, at least 3 good areas where you can climb in pissing rain and with little or no seapage. The picture above is made in Erlsbach, a granite area about 50km drive and 15min hike away from Lienz. The picture below is taken on the Falkenstein, which is even closer, and offers over 110 limestone routes from 6b to 8c.I certainly appreciate the ability of beeing able to climb at almost any kind of weather here, all you need is a fun and keen climbing partner and a car. In Canmore you can have both mentioned above, but you can still be stranded for 10 days in a row in the middle of June due to neverending rain and snow up high.