Thursday, October 20, 2011


Last week I tried to spend as much time as possible with my kids with outdoor activities. As you all know, if you play hard, you can crash hard. Here are a few snap shots of moments before the impact, all of them resulted in tears.
Below Luka bike jumping, he learned that one hand on the handle bar and both feet off are not beneficial for the landing.
Bella misjudged the distance of this jump, or her jumping abilities. Not a soft landing either!
At least this landing was in the grass, and not in the gravel behind.
This time around it was not Luka crying, but the poor hoody kid got a soccer shoe right at the spot where it hurts most.
The last week was also still very climbable here, I was lucky to finish up all my projects at the Bellavista area. Both are hard to grade, but I think "Zeitgeist" is 12+ and "The show must go on" is 13-. They are both on excellent stone and ready to go, I left a few fixed draws on the bolts that are hard to clip.
I'm off to Zion for the next 10 days or so with Lissi, a friend from Austria. Looking forward for a little escape from the cold before I fully surrender to the upcoming Winter activities.

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