Sunday, January 19, 2014

Downie Peak

Spending the past 15 days guiding in the Adamant Lodge, a heli skiing lodge based in the upper reaches of the Goldstream River of the Northern Selkirks,
I can't help myself of not falling in love with the view of this stunning peak.
I know it has been climbed a few times and the reports of very loose rock have been followed by all ascents, but to my knowledge it has not been skied as of yet. 
Maybe this is not the Winter to try such a challenge, but then there is always spring and many more Winters to come. 
For now, I just keep enjoying the views of this forbitten fruit,
hanging way up there in the tree, well out of my reach.
if it's clear skies,
this is the side of the mountain I can see every morning out of my bedroom window