Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Because there is nowhere else to go?

Recently we had some pretty bad avalanche conditions all over western Canada, and the roads were just a horror to drive. Naturally we had to stay away from the bigger stuff and hide either in a Pup, Haffner or Bear Spirit. It's somewhat strange that I never have the huge desire to go there, but after so many times I still have a good time playing around on those routes. It's actually a way better workout than climbing on the 'big' routes, and therefore gets you perfectly prepared for them. And on top of it you get to sleep in, which is not a bad thing since party season is amongst us.
Both areas, Haffner (above) and Bear Spirit (below) are formed almost perfectly right now for mixed climbing, with nice daggers and challenging transitions from rock to ice. But now let's hope the avi hazard goes away, so we can slowly get out in the 'real' mountains again.

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maikaljj said...

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