Thursday, November 17, 2011

From sand to ice

A snow storm chased us home from Utah, just in time for some great early ice conditions. I find that every year it gets harder and harder to get used to the colder temperatures. This time around even more so, since we enjoyed T-Shirt days in the desert up until the beginning of November. -5 degrees Celsius seems unbearable in the fall, then in the winter it feels like a hot day. Early season ice is usually a challenge, but this fall it seemed a bit easier than usual, at least so far. Lisi and I had a very pleasant day on the Terminator about a week ago, and today I got my mandatory annual solo ascent of Bourgeau left out of the way, so now I'm ready for a few more multi pitch outings, before the ski season really kicks in. It sounds like some great early ski conditions already out west, I can't wait to get my first face shots.
The pictures today date a few years back, since my small camera, the Canon S95 is in repair the 3rd time this year, still under warranty but now they want to charge me for the same repair they have not been able to fix to begin with. CANON sucks, don't ever buy anything from this company!
Anyways, below the legendary Joe B. well into his fourties, still cranking at the Killer Cave.

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