Monday, March 21, 2011


This fantastic Winter ended for me with a glorious day heli skiing in the Bobbie Burns. We skied nearly 14000 meters vertical in perfect powder from the Hatteras to Selkirks north and south and finished on Billy Goat. Every run I tried to remind myself how lucky I was to be part of a perfect Winter season and that this might be the last day of alpine face shots. Although at times a bit challenging, the ski quality was perfect through out. We did not have a single injury of note and no avalanche involvements, knock on wood. Today we had the first official spring day with all the head aches that come with it, like warm temperatures, fog layers and just simply schmuck. One more reason to remember one of the best Winter seasons I've ever had, at least snow quality wise. 2011 Rocks, or maybe I should say rocked!
My family came up for a quick visit, one night and one short morning. It was great to catch up with them, below you see my kids under the massive roofalanche of our staff house, which slid already 3 times this season. The reeling of the deck in the far left corner is 3 meters above ground level in the Summer, just to give you an idea about the snow we've had this year.

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