Thursday, March 10, 2011

Face shot Highway

Out again today on the Face Shot Highway, this time with the ever motivated Andrew Wexler. It was dumping all day, which gave us wet clothes and some exceptional skiing top to bottom. And the walking up through this magic forest was my favorite of the day.

Hard to believe that this is the Rockies, and that Chick Scott's guide book doesn't have a single tour along this Highway covered.
With conditions like this year we both agreed that the Radium Highway offers better, and more accessible skiing with less crowds than Rogers Pass. You can park your car almost anywhere along the highway, pick a line and go for it, no permit required.

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powderslut said...

haha, your last two captions have been running through my mind for the last five weeks. That when I got home and ski season began, checked out the snow and 93 south was/is where its at.