Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Another amazing shift and finally back home

This Winter just keeps on going. Everybody just waits until it craps out, but so far there is no sign of it. If there is one thing people might complain about, it's the unseasonal cold temperatures. But cold smoke comes with a price. By the way, I actually quit smoking 18 days ago. Right in the middle of the season, cold turkey. Of course I'm still not over it and it will be a long battle, but it's my first serious attempt in over 10 years.
Below you can see the tracks on a run called Purple Heart in the amazing Selkirks. If God would have had an architect to built the perfect mountains for exiting skiing, the Bobbie Burns Selkirk terrain would have been his master piece.
Back home for Sunday with the family and out yesterday for a quick ski tour up Mt. Whymper on Highway 93. I've always wanted to do this one but the snow coverage was never good enough to make it too appealing to me. Since 2003 the lower part of the mountain has burned and adds a lot of character. Unfortunately the majority of the route faces southeast, so after a sunny day you've got to deal with sun crust at this time of the year. It amazed me how all the cones are still attached to the burned trees, after being dead for 8 years now.

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