Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Above the Lodge

It was an odd day today. Despite excellent ski conditions the everyone but 4 of our guest decided to go back to the lodge and take it easy. This was the first time in my CMH career I experienced this and I felt bad for the 4 keen ones, who came half across the world to ski the best powder in the world. As a lead guide I an not take four skiers out in a big 212 helicopter, we would loose a lot of money doing so. On the other hand it was Wednesday and we already skied 40 000m vertical in 3.5 days, people are getting tired and a bit short on cash for extra meters I guess.Nevertheless, most of us guides did not want to sit around the lodge in these conditions. Dellow, Yannik, Ryan and myself quickly skinned up the 900 vertical meters to the high landing of Mad Trapper and dropped in the fluffy, north facing backside aptly named Trappers Ass. What a treat to have such good ski touring available right out the front steps of the Lodge, with some sick lines without other keen competition. We were back in time for the last sun on the front deck, enjoying tea goodies and a Kokanee.
Typical when there are too many guides in the game, the first one in already triggers an avalanche. If in doubt, ride it out!


Cary P said...


Great to see you guys getting after it once the guests have pulled the rip cord! Hope those fluffy north face shots are still around in 2 weeks when I'll be at the Adamants with the Fusion trip. I met you there last year for the Touring trip - any chance you'll be back? If not hope to ski with you some day.

Take care -
Cary Piotrowski

gery unterasinger said...

Hi Cary!
I remember talking to you about the fusion trip last year. Good to hear you are on, you bet I'll be there too. I'm already looking forward to it, sounds like we are at least 2 groups of tourers/fusionists, should be fun.
See you soon! Gery