Sunday, April 28, 2013

Prime time for the Coliseum

Derek Galloway lost in a sea of rock and snow in the Coliseum
Without doubt, the Coliseum is the best and most impressive chunk of rock in the entire Echo Canyon.
So tell me why there is not much more traffic up there? 
I can tell you:
-the wall usually seeps heavily from mid May to Mid July (if not much longer)
-although south facing, you have to wait until 2 p.m. to see the sun (if there is any)
-it catches any sort of wind there might be and multiplies it (and there is always wind)
-a long approach and no easy routes... certainly not a girl friend cliff (unless you want to get rid of her)
-despite the bolted sport climbs, there is this "alpinish" flair up there-
hard to explain if you haven't been there yet. 
Maybe it is the lack of trees, the constant noises of rock fall, the snow covered ledges, 
airborne  icicles or the size 3 avalanches roaring over the top of climb in the spring.
And then there are this imaginary voices which you can hear now and then 
-and for some strange reason your partner doesn't- 
and they tell you to get the hell out of there.
Needless to say, all of the above factors keep the line ups at bay.
So don't miss out at the best chunk of rock in the Rockies, 
hope to see you up there before the seepage starts!
Greg Toss getting virgin rock on his new creation "Aquarius"
-a very nice five twelve addition
on an otherwise five thirteen overloaded main wall
"Fit Bird", a stout 5.13d,
drilled, cleaned and climbed last Summer by Matt Pieterson.
Derek Galloway pulling the roof on his first red point attempt on "Fit Bird"
let it bleed...
battle marks from a filed RP attempt
I love my belay glasses, especially on the long routes up there.
They make me a more attentive belayer and my neck is way less stiff after extended belay session.
they are certainly not the most attractive eye wear made
and definitely not very beneficial for picking up climbing chicks

The cedar sign I carved 3 years ago is slowly starting to age into a natural gray,
sorta like some of my hair.
all pictures by Derek Galloway except the 4 of mine on "Fit Bird" where he is actually busy climbing.

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