Sunday, April 21, 2013

April ski touring

An unbelievable April so far, at least when you like skiing. I keep on running into people who would rather have it warmer and sunnier in order to go rock climbing and the only thing that keeps them sane is the newly opened Canmore climbing gym. I do love climbing too, but if the ski conditions are like this I have a hard time missing out on those magic days. After finishing my heli skiing season in the Cariboos first week of April, I was guiding and playing with skis entirely in the Rockies, and the Rockies certainly delivered.
and it's not quite over yet...
 on the way to work, sunrise on Mt. Cascade.
Lorne on the last stretch of Buller Mountain
with Spray Lakes 

Somewhere above Lake Louise

gotta wonder what Steve is listening too

way back in Kootenay Park

Below Mt. Fairview

steep chutes off Fairview with Lake Louise Ski Area behind

the last steps to Surprise Pass

Sheol Mountain appearing as the convective clouds start to lift

Powder in the sun mid April

Giller seems happy and content after another big day

Just below the Summit of Mt. Fairview

A group of the full ski exam on the way to White Pyramid

Steve getting first tracks down White Pyramid

A very wintery looking Howse Peak.

The NW ridge of White Pyramid, overlooking Howse River and Mt. Forbes

A beautiful rock formation along the way to White Pyramid.

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