Friday, April 26, 2013

Bella's first ski tour

Since Bella kept on asking me when it is her turn to get out, I finally took her to the same place as I did  almost exactly a year ago with Luka. With him and Kimby as a back up and cheerleaders, we ventured to Mt. Buller in K-Country, which offers easy, roadside access ski touring in stable spring conditions. You can go all the way to the top or turn around at any point and call it the day, or do multiple laps on the rather gentle lower slopes. 
Therefore there is neither pressure to perform nor reach a certain goal for a six year young girl.

gotta make sure those skins stick on well

that's my two girls!

and this is what happens if one skin slides,
you only get away with this in a young age
A Mars bar every half hour keeps the gurrls going.
You gotta eat it sloooowly, because when I'm finished with it I have to walk again for another half hour.
Might as well take my time here and explore the various layers and consistencies.

Although it wasn't a summit, a "high point kiss" was still in order.

Short roping exercise on the way up,
a ski pole was a decent substitute for the rope left in the car.

nobody ever gets hurt in the air

Bellas first self-motorized turns.
"It is way more fun to go down than to go up" was her first comment.
Didn't take her long to figure that one out.

A well deserved lunch break followed by a some leisure time in the woods before the second lap

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