Friday, April 1, 2011

Mt. Storm

With the plan to ski Mt. Cathedral, Andrew, Ross and myself drove up to the Alberta/BC border past Lake Louise. Since the weather was lousy despite a sunshine forecast, we decided to head back to the other Alberta/BC border on Vermillion Pass and try Mt. Storm. We were aware that the skiing might not be so great, but we wanted to stand on top of a real Rockies peak.On the way up we avoided the steeper section of the summit slope by scrambling up 500m vertical meters on the West ridge. The walking sucked for sure, but the positions along the heavily corniced ridge were awesome.
Here is Ross looking back down to tiny Andrew, who probably partied too much the night before.
The run down was initially a bit scary with all the recent storm snow sitting on top of a sun crust, but after we got our minds adjusted to it we could enjoy some wonderful snow on the first day of April on this steep, south facing slope.
Andrew in his element again, ready to party it up after those turns.

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