Sunday, April 10, 2011

Family Heli skiing

An already perfect Winter season in the Bobbie Burns ended with a personal highlight for me on my last day of work up there. I got to ski with my son Luka all day in the Selkirks and finished with a family run with Kimby and Bella on a 1000m run called Intermezzo. I still can't believe this all happened, the wildest dream could not have been any better.Here is Luka, 7 years young, on his first heli skiing run, the top landing of X.T.C., and his first turns in powder below.

Getting the hang of it on the run Paradise in the South Selkirks.

The exposed landing of Vampire. He had to help me shovel out the landing in order to earn the turns, but is rather "leaning" on the job...sorta like his dad.

Ripping it up on Vampire, 35 km away from the lodge in the upper Laidlaw creek.
After 6000 vertical meters of first tracks a well deserved lunch with the Long Ranger.
The last run of the day with the whole family, on the top of Intermezzo. Bella with her tender fourandahalf years is probably the first heli skier ever to make it down a run like this without any help. Thanks to Ash the pilot who made all of this happen for us, I owe you big.


Cary said...

Awesome! A little ripper!! Great seeing and skiing with you last week! Look forward to more in the future. - Cary

gery unterasinger said...

Hi Cary!
I also had a great time with you and your brother in the Adamants. We clocked in some serious bar times, you guys are funny and trouble at the same time. And you can still pull it off the next day and ski the pow. Walking your way up it or taking the ride, whatever it takes to get some great turns in.
I am not with CMH anymore but I'm sure our paths will cross again one day on some wicked slope.