Thursday, April 21, 2011

Daycare Chute

A couple of days ago I finally got to do a real ski tour with my wife Kimby again. It's been around 8 years now that we had a chance to go out and make some turns together. That's one of the few downsides of having kids, one of us has to stay at home, and most of the time it isn't me. This time we took advantage of the perfect conditions above town, Luka beeing at school and finding a last minute day care spot for Bella. This 5 hour window allowed us to ski the Miners Gulley, which we aptly renamed Daycare Chute. After skiing all the way down to town we even had time to go for some Illy cappuchino at the Merchato. One of those magic days where I love living in Canmore.

Kimby has got to take her shirt of before she drops into the chute, the last thing you want is to overheat!
The upper part of the chute, just before it gets narrow, with the Town of Canmore below.

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