Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Mt. Chester NW-face

After a grand finish with CMH in the Adamants (which I want to report on later) and a day at home with the family, I got out with Andrew yesterday for a little K-country adventure. Two hours of extra driving and a delayed start due to a forgotten transceiver (let's just say so much-it was not Andrew), we got on this really cool feature on the NW-face of Mt. Chester.One hour of fairly flat terrain brings you to Chester Lake, and from just above there it is a 800m vertical boot pack to a col 30m shy of the summit of this stout 10000 footer. There, a short rock face blocks the easy access to the summit, but who cares, the chute is what we came for, and a chute we got.

A raven watched over us most of the time. Here he takes off from his exposed nest in this steep rock face, with Mt. Birdwood in the background.

The first turns into the run, Andrew styling on his tele gear. One day he will hopefully learn how to ski, so he too can enjoy outings like this.

The Chester Chute is probably one of the better of the steep road side attractions in K-Country, go get it while it's there.

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