Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Recently I ran into this quote below from Nick Bullocks Blog ...always a great read btw., maybe at times a bit depressing but such must be climbing life on the Island overall. Or maybe I just don't get the british black humour... 

“We ain’t getting any younger and we should stop relying on our bodies for fulfilment – it’s a fucking dead-end street!!”
Just turning 45, I agree that there is a certain amount of truth to this statement, but I certainly try to see the inevitable fact of aging a bit different.
Greg Toss on his  "younger than yesterday"  (not in Ceuse)

Climbing the other day with even older guys than myself I got inspired by their drive to still push their personal limits. 
They offset the unstoppable aging process with increased training, smarter climbing and a healthier life style overall. 
Is this a bad thing to do, setting yourself a hard goal and work hard for it?
So, if it's not our own body we should be looking for fulfillment, what else is there left to strive for?

Even Rusty himself isn't getting any younger. Although he is sore after the long walk to the Lookout,
 he for sure looks satisfied.

It's better to burn out, than to fade away.


Grzegorz said...

Thank you Gery for kind words. With friends like you it is easy to stay motivated.
Greg T.

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