Tuesday, May 13, 2014

it all started out with a picture

And it was the picture below that I sent Wexler at 10p.m. in great hopes he might join me the next day. It only took a couple of minutes that I received the message "I'm in! What time?"
Now the pressure was on to find the easiest access to that thing and hopefully get to ski something cool. At the time I send Andrew the picture, which I actually took about three years ago, I did not even know the name of the mountain. At midnight I finally had everything sorted out and finally off to bed for a few hours of sleep.

The line I really wanted to go for is the one almost off the highest point, but is not entirely visible on the picture, so it was certainly a relief when we turned the corner and saw the whole thing connected.

After the typical sluff debris at the run out we boot packed the entire way up in chin to knee deep powder. It was not hard to guess that the descent has the potential of beeing awesome.

After some narrow sections we entered this wicked wide slope which went on and on forever.

A few rock moves placed us on the ridge about 80m below the Summit.

After some ridge rodeo and other fun games we left our skis at the top of a perfect entrance to the face and pushed on without them on a very exciting ridge climb.

The run down the 800m face was memorable to say the least, it's not often that good powder sticks to a steep run like this with barely any sluffing.

The price you pay for skiing hard in the Rockies.
It for sure hurts, but it's a good pain.
This over view of the mountain I took today from the summit opposite side of the drainage,
which provides a great corn objective in the spring.
It shows the line off the main summit on the left which we skied that day,
the other obvious lines have been skied since.

In times when wild places like Stanley North face turn into a mogul slope after one day of perfect conditions,
it is for sure nice to find those untouched outings right in your back yard.

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