Saturday, March 23, 2013

out again with my 'lost' son

Almost a year ago I took my son Luka out to Mt. Buller for his first ski tour. At that time he was eight and to my surprise he really enjoyed the laborious act of skinning up.
Earlier this Winter we got out again for a bit of a shorter day on Mt. Norquay, and we had an equally good time. There was only one problem with the progress in Lukas ski touring career...
...he developed a really bad habit and fell in love with a snow board.
In his vocabulary, the word skiing did not even exist anymore until recently, when he got to see some of my latest ski pictures which showed the perfect conditions we have these days out there.
This must have re-sparked the smoldering fire burning inside his well hidden skiing soul and he did not have to ask me twice to take him out again.
Yesterday we took advantage of the parent teacher interviews and had our own papa/son interviews on our way up a mountain on the Banff/Radium Highway. 
The 4 hour climb was rewarded by a perfect 1100m powder run 
and a hot chocolate plus donut at a locally owned Tim Hortons. 


KenC said...

Awesome,just awesome!

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