Saturday, October 23, 2010

seasonal closure

Last week would have been a perfect week to play around. One could go rock climbing, ice climbing, alpine climbing, hiking, mountain biking and God knows what else. This is the time of the year what makes living in the Rockies so attractive, this is the reason why I chose to live here a long time ago. And what do I do? I spend the whole week in indoors at a "advanced wilderness first aid refresher". After the test, which I still doubt that I passed, I got the wildest stomach flu, which pinned me down for the last 24 hours. Although I enjoyed learning a lot of useful skills on the course again, I'm just not used of sitting from 8 to 8 in a class room anymore. As soon as I felt a bit better this afternoon I started packing away my rock climbing gear for the winter. If you can trust the forecast, this will be the end of a great climbing season for me. I've had the pleasure of climbing lots this year, sharing my excitement with a lot of wonderful people on tons of different cliffs, and full filling most of my little climbing goals I set myself in the spring. A big thanks to all who shared a rope with me this year, and sorry for all my smoke you had to inhale. You are the reason I still try to keep going. And now let's make the most of the upcoming, long Winter.
photo Derek Galloway

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