Wednesday, October 27, 2010

drilling and stuff

Last week I went up to the major cliff band, which is the continuation of the Lookout, to drill another route there. I started the new development before my first aid course with a 40m line of perfect stone. As we know since a few years, the potential up there is almost endless and so is the work. So since everyone else is out there searching for ice right now, I decided to have my workout closer to home and at least start this fantastic new area with a few lines, so we can hit it next spring. I hope more people get encouraged by this and join in with some hard labour. If you don't have a drill and want to help out, mine is hanging up there and I even charge the batteries for you. Since this area is separated by a good 10 min walk from the Lookout, I thought it deserves it's own name. "Bellavista", which is italian for beautiful view.
Right now I'm sitting at the lodge, struggling with Power Point in preparing a presentation for guides training on last winters helicopter accident. I would like to share the picture below with you, all I can say is the 3 passengers walked away with no scratch, which is quite unbelievable. There was definitely a bit of alcohol involved that evening.

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