Saturday, September 11, 2010

A weekend with Roko

Our family finally made it out to Wilmer for a long weekend visit with Roko, Adrienne and Jakob. Roko owns quite a few acres on top of a hill between Wilmer and Panorama, with great 360 degree views of the Columbia Valley, the Purcells, and the Rockies. This is Roko's house above Wilmer, it used to be the old Bugaboo Lodge staff house. If it would not be for Roko, it would have gone into the dump.
A cozy place to hang out, the kids fell in love with Jakob's Lego.
driving a Bobcat as a 6 year old must be quite exciting, below he is in with Jakob, Roko's 13 year old son. Jakob was awesome with the kids and spend a lot of time playing with them.
Roko giving driving lessons on the quat, after a short while Luka figured it out.

A sweet southfacing deck, probably bigger than most condo's in Canmore.
A need collection of antic machinery, these are just a few of my favorite samples. If they ever run again, you would have to cut down some trees in order to get them out. This should give you an idea how long they've been there.

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