Sunday, August 29, 2010

first frost and snow

It's not even September yet and yesterday morning, after a mean cold front moved through he valley, we got our frost frost. A short summer indeed, since the forecast for the next week promises more rain, snow up high and cold temperatures. Luckily I was able to take advantage of a short weather window and got to climb at the Lookout in perfect conditions. I was not the only one trying to get out before the weather shut all climbing activities down and it was good to see about 15 keen climbers up there. The biggest difference to other busy climbing days was the fact that out of the 16 routes (excluding projects) at the Atlantis sector 15 got climbed by various climbers. There was never a line up anywhere and a very positive vibe throughout the day. I lucked out too and climbed my first "new" 5.13 of the year, which came as a real surprise to me. "Diamonds on the inside" with it's 40m of very overhanging, athletic climbing is one of the best of the grade in the Valley and I'd highly recommend it to everyone. Let's all pray for a nice fall!

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