Sunday, September 19, 2010

One day weather window

Despite the long stretch of rain, snow and cold temperatures the hard core of climbers here in Canmore still manage to squeeze the odd day of climbing in. Yesterday 8 of us climbed at the Lookout again and took advantage of a short weather window. -5 degrees celsius in the morning with a centimeter of ice/rime and snow did not seem to inviting, but once we reached the Lookout the sun came out and we had a pleasant day with T-shirts and perfect climbing conditions. That makes the Lookout so special, even after 3 days of rain and snow in a row the cliff stays dry with a few exceptions and catches the sun from 9 a.m onwards. The pictures below are from the clearing in the evening the night before. Soo good to see blue sky again, but it's pissing and 4 degrees as I write this.

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