Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Had a great day on Yamnuska today with Derek. Our intention was not clear in the morning, but we headed out anyways to check out Yamabushi. We thought we only try to work on the lower 5 pitches or so, but everything went pretty smooth and before we knew it we topped out. We did not bring our shoes to walk down, so we rappelled the nearby "Lord of the Rings" back to the base. Derek impressively freed the whole route (the much feared pitch 7 on sight!), but since we swapped leads it doesn't count as a red point. Hopefully we make it back soon to finish the business for him, it's hard to get the right conditions for it in the summer since it's solar aspect. Since I'm not playing in the same league like Derek, I will need a "few" more visits to red point the entire thing, but it seems like an achievable goal anyways. Non of the pitches are desperately hard, but there are 8 of them and non are a gimme. The future will tell.This is obviously not a picture from Yam, but since I brought my camera with an empty battery, I'll through that one in. At least a mountain that nobody will recognize, although you saw it already hundred times.

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