Tuesday, November 18, 2008

the Replicant

This is the second post in a row of a route I have not done, which tells you a lot about my successful outings this fall. Just before my painful managers meetings in Banff, which are usually 3 days of sitting on my ass, I decided to make a free solo attempt of the "Replicant" on the Terminator Wall. I climbed the route years ago with Hans H., and I still remember the great day we two austrians had up there. I left home at 11a.m and on the drive to Banff I could spot a party on the first pitch. Since the climb is only two 70m pitches long and the approach about 2 hours, I thought the climbers will be long gone by the time I reach the base. Well, I was wrong! The second climber just started following the first pitch when I arrived at the base, and after watching the paint dry for an hour I went home again. It would have been perfect conditions with temperatures hovering around zero, and I was obviously quite disappointed. Now I have my meetings and after that the kids for 6 days, since Kimbi went for a family visit to Ontario. Don't take me wrong, I am looking forward having the kids all by myself for a few days and do some bonding time, but I still have a hard time accepting the fact, that I got hosed today by someone who would have been better of on an easier climb.

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