Wednesday, June 11, 2014

climbing is wonderful

In a little bit more than a week I have to leave for another guiding Summer in Europe. It has been a fantastic spring here in the Bow Valley for all kinds of activities and it will be hard to leave this little paradise I call home now.
Here are some of my favourite images from last weeks climbing outings.  
Imaginary Face, 5.9 Back of the Lake
Mardi Gras, 5.11 Back of the Lake
Liquid Sky, 5.11 Back of the Lake
Interstellar Overdrive, 5.11+ Bellavista
Everybody who cares about climbing should know where this is
Zeitgeist, 5.12+ Bellavista
Always Hungry, a beautiful Stellarjay I believe
Bouldering at Cathedral
Coming down from Echo Canyon, an evening shower over
the three Sisters


Unknown said...

The third photo down should read 'Wicked Gravity' instead of 'Liquid Sky'. Classic!
Loving the blog

maikaljj said...

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