Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Full speed into the next year

The last 2 weeks were just a wild ride between one great ski tour to the next.
Canadian Winter at it's finest.
the burns are a bit of a trademark of 93south,
thanks to the big Kootenay wild fire in 2003
Can you believe it, it's me...Bodadondonk Blvd.
Wexler photo

Andrew still trying to give his tele's a good run for their money...
Floe Shoulder

Stephane from Montreal ripping the "Raven" at the upper Asulkan at Rogers Pass

close to the top of Mt. Rogers, with Tupper and Sir Donald sticking out  of the  clouds

looks like Doug Scott after he broke both feet on his epic fall on the Ogre
-the last steps to a very windy summit ridge of Mt. Rogers

Amelie and Stephane from Quebec- on their way up to Lookout Col,
they managed to do some serious milage with their regular downhill gear
next year they plan to return on lightweight touring gear, I better start training now.

Another slope in the Rockies which most people ignore...
good for us

Surprise Pass at it's finest.

Not telling where this is, other than it's just above the last larch tree.

popping out of treeline in the rockies usually involves those magic larch trees,
the only peculiar conifer that sheds it's needles in the Winter.

Simon taking a breather on the exhausting boot back up Super Surprice
The season is still young and there is no
'bootbackxerciser' to get you prepared for this  

Wexler goes exploring far back on Floe Shoulder, HWY93south

Simon setting a perfect uptrack to Mt. Rogers

Ben F. demos his interesting uphill technique.  One foot in front of the other and he uses two poles and an Ipod.
Unorthodox and rather unusual,  but it seems to work for him.

Ben "living the dream" Firth... 

...not bad for the Rockies!

Greg and Irene Toss setting their own track to Goodness.

Simon M. on new ground high above Lake Louise

The first skier and the last larch tree under the Shadow of Haddo.

Snowboarders are humans too

Another one of those magic runs in the alpine, the SE face of Fairview

Jamie H. on Fairview

daily routine at first, cold light

Andrew W. always on the lookout for something sick
What will 2013 bring to us???
Happy new year to all!

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