Wednesday, January 9, 2013


"Cythonna", the Godess of the ice...
 Jonny Simms came up with the name, after he rejected his own initial proposal for a proper route name "Flower Power"-just because I was born in 1969, Woodstock just going off... make love - not war.
I had to explain him during the drive home on the dark Icefields Parkway, that my father was rather renown for his Zither playing skills and my Mother has never left the mountain village she was born and raised during that period. Not to mention that neither of them even knew how to spell 
Rolling Stones or Pink Floyd, and that Jefferson Airplane and Led Zeppelin 
where never intended to fly anywhere. 
They had their Austrian hump ta tah music and the saying "in the mountains there is no sin", therefore  they experienced their very own "alpine flower power", perhaps with the additional help of some Schnapps.
-every fun without alcohol is artificial-
And then somewhere between Lake Louise and Golden, finally alone in the car after dumping annoying me at the PetroCan in LL, 
Jonny finally got it and so CYTHONNA it is.

40m of rock and ice mushrooms lead to fantastic 55m ice pillar
Jonny, just 5 minutes before he took a 12 meter whipper into the first belay. Maybe you should not play games like that with your middle fingers before you start a serious route.

Unfortunately the rock was to compact for decent protection,  so the drill had to be activated.
Lot's of spin drift and little avalanches that day, luckily the route was steep enough to  give shelter from the elements.


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