Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tumbling towards Winter

After our arrival from Europe we had a mixed bag of weather, kinda typical for late fall here. There was still some rock climbing to had on the rare sunny days, but overall it was more pleasant to choose activities where one could wear gloves.  I certainly did not get out as much as usual, due to a combination of a bathroom reno, a lack of motivation,
a good week of  rock scaling work and the much needed recovery time afterwards.
Nevertheless, whenever I did get out playing- a combination of rock climbing, dry tooling, mixed climbing, slack lining, pond hockey and ski touring- I certainly had a lot of fun and I did not want to miss it.

"Premonition" on the Wild West Wall, South Ghost

spindrift shower on pitch 3 of "Nightmare of Monsieur Hulot"

Looking back after another great adventure on the Stanley Headwall
Nightmare of MH connects the skinny pillar in the center with the upper right curtain.

Sunset over the front range seen from Gap Lake

Tim McAlister demonstrates the art of a way too short of a scalers lunch break.
Eating, napping and dreaming about the next big trundle at the same time.

Ian Welsted in his element...sometimes scaling feels like full on alpine climbing.
The suffer factor is high, the rock loose and the outcome uncertain.
Once a year Jeff Relph and I master the ability to choose routes which are way over our head,
and somehow manage to pull them off.

The local Canmore dry tooling area of the future. SE facing,
30-50m high and desperately overhanging and an approach less than an hour.

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