Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Close call on Wilson

The seldom formed route "Dancing with Chaos" on the impressive south walls of Mt. Wilson.
Unfortunately the incredible upper pillar never touches down, but would make a good contender for a perfect mixed start.
In my opinion, a good, bolted multi pitch mixed route should involve some challenging ice which never or very rarely touches down.
Some of my favorite examples are "Nightmare on Wolf Street", "The Real Big Drip", "Cryophobia" and of course the mighty "Rocket Man". 
Chris had to turn away as he could see disaster unfolding.
It doesn't matter how many guides patches you wear, the mountains are unforgiving if approached carelessly.
Below I try to describe a close call that happened on the climb, just as a reminder of the importance of  proper equipment.  
A seemingly excited Steve Holeczi showing off his brand new "idiot straps".  Things are all good  up to this point, the stoke meter maxed out.
Shortly thereafter the moment of horror. Steve dropped the all so important ice tool and guess what happened...well before the tool had a chance to fly into the abyss, it caught on the new straps and everything was fine. One could only imagine how things could have unfold if he did not have those straps. I'd say good Karma, Steve. 

Shortly thereafter, still mentally recovering from this near miss, Steve was able to continue the climb as if nothing ever happened. His mind at ease now, knowing that his tools are secured to his harness in case of another mishap.

An hour later Steve is happily following the second pitch, the memories of the close call already erased by the mind blowing climb.
I certainly did not forget the trauma earlier on the route and learned my lesson for the future.
I truly hope we can all avoid future near misses with sharing this particular incidence with the public.


Allgaeuer said...

Wow, gonna run and buy those idiot straps right away to avoid those nerve wracking moments...

maikaljj said...

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