Monday, May 14, 2012

This Mountain deserves a name

The map doesn't say anything other than 3155m, which is btw. 4m higher than the famous Aberdeen across the valley. Most guides, including a guides book, calls this formation simply "Unnamend Peak". This seems to work for everyone involved here, but after climbing it last Friday, I feel it is a peak worthwhile a real name. I know it sounds a bit out of whack, but what about "Lady Diana". Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated, but it's gotta be somewhat British like the rest of this neck of the woods. I'll submit an official request for the winner.
"Unnamed" during the approach at sunrise
Aliens and the wind can create strange shapes
morning magic
Almost a year ago we skied this face of Victoria.
the ridge to Popes Peak with Unnamed behind and left,
then following the ridge line, Collier, Victoria north and
south, then the Sickle and Lefroy far left.
All five of them are skiable off their Summits via fantastic
faces pictured here, if conditions permit...
who says there is no skiing in the Rockies?
This rock step guards the final 100 feet to the real summit
of Popes Peak, otherwise you could ski off this summit too.
This is the point where you can start skiing down the
East face of Popes Peak.
The plain of Six Glaciers is located in the tree island
near Valley bottom.
Unnamed and Popes with ski line (East Face) in center.
Bella and her friend Lilly at our little Bonfire Party last
gotta love those smokies

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