Tuesday, May 8, 2012

A trip to the highest point in Alberta

 After some pretty bad weather the first few days of May, the clouds lifted just in time for us to climb one of the big prices in the Rockies on skies. It is a long walk on snow and ice indeed, and after 2 long days covering a distance of about 20km we reached the summit of Mt. Columbia on May 7th, just in time before the clouds rolled in again. A big and remote mountain in a grand setting!
through the second icefall below Andromeda
the Skyladder of Mt. Andromeda, or whatever is left from it. You can make out two climbers in the sunlit upper part

up the so called head wall of Athabasca glacier

high camp on the ice fields with Columbia still far away

tiny dots on the way to Columbia, behind the North face of Mt. Bryce patiently waiting to be skied

a hearty welcome back to civilization after 3 days on the ice 

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