Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A cool loop around Emerald Peak

The ongoing high pressure in the Rockies continues, but a small wave dropped 5-10 cm of fluff overnight which made the skiing really good again. One has to get a bit inventive though in where to go to avoid old tracks, but the good stability certainly comes in handy when you want to link some unfamiliar terrain together. This loop was the brainchild of Josh Briggs, thanks for taking us (Wex, Ian, Danny, Andrea) there.

Climbing out of the last trees on Emerald Peak, the Vaux group behind.
The first lap of the day on the SE slopes of Emerald Peak
Josh on the first lap skiing down towards Emerald Lake and Emerald Lodge.
Skinning up towards the second lap, with Mt. Carnarvon looming behind.
Regroup on Hamilton Lake after the steep West face of Emerald Peak. This slope was not the steepest, but stability wise certainly the most committing slope of the day.
Andrea patiently waiting her turn on the west face.
And finally she gets to go- in Europe we gentlemen would give a lady first tracks, but with the equal rights movement here in North America they get wait in line like everybody else.
As you can see, Andrew is not just here for the skiing, he also likes to take in the stunning sceneries.
The last run of the day, a 900m shot down the steep NE slopes from the col between Tabletop Mountain and Emerald Peak.
Little skier in big slope, the big south face of the President behind.
The last drop into Emerald Basin is full of fun pillows, if only the light would have been a bit better. About 10 open creek crossing later we finally reached the cross country track of Emerald Lake.