Tuesday, May 24, 2011


There is not much going on with me right now, the weather kind of sucks lately but always turns out to be better than the forecast tells you. Last Sunday, May 15th, I had the pleasure to be guided through 2 classic multi pitch routes by the "Hausmeister" of Yamnuska. Raphael showed me two of his favorites up there, 'Yellow Edge' and 'Jimmy and the Cruisers', which are both excellent in their own character. On Yellow Edge we skipped most of the fixed protection in order to show that there is no need to retro fit the route. Please leave this one the way it is, bring a set of Camalots and Stoppers and enjoy one of Yams finest pieces of climbing history. Two days later I had to cancel a ski tour to Joffre last minute because my family got a bit sick. As it turned out I caught the same bug the next morning and was the first time out since last summer. Actually not totally out but a sore throat and a runny nose kept the energy level low. Now I'm finally ready to go again and the weather is barely good enough for mushroom picking. I searched for morels in a burn with no success, but ran into a peaceful grizzly instead. Although it was not the first time I had a close encounter with a bear, it is always a powerful experience to be so close to this impressive animals.

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Catalin Albu said...

In Romania we have like 8.000 ..probably up to 10.000 bears (the Brown Bear) living in wild forests and mountains. Any time you have a trip you may encounter one. The problem is that you may encounter them in more populated areas because now they are used to eat from garbage…and also during the winter you don’t see them any more hibernating due to climate change. I thing we have the biggest bears population in Europe.