Friday, May 27, 2011


This is what it looks like from space when we get a wet and cold upslope storm in the Rockies. Upslope here in Alberta means basically that seasonally warmer air from the mid western plains of the US moves with the aid of a big low pressure system eastward and meets colder air from the arctic somewhere along the Rocky Mountains. This constellation generally happens in the springtime, when the jetstream is further south and people are usually seeking sunshine after a 7 month Winter. We are in this wet flow since well over a week now and it slowly starts to suck. This morning we woke up to almost a foot of new snow here in town and it's still dumping. On top of this Canmore is hosting the first boulder world cup in Canadian history today and tomorrow and the conditions could not be worse. Too bad for the organizers and all the volunteers who put so much effort into this event, I'll be down there regardless to show my support (I hear they serve beer!).

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