Wednesday, April 18, 2012

First ski tour with Luka

Almost exactly a year ago I had a chance to take Luka for a day of Heli Skiing. At that time I thought it is the coolest thing ever a dad can do with his 7 year old son. Then, a few weeks ago, Luka asked me if he could go ski touring with me one day. He saw me packing up for ski touring so often this Winter, either for work or personal outings, so that he must have thought that it can't be that bad... walking uphill for hours, only to get a few turns in.

So last Sunday I finally got my act together, thanks to 'fellow mountain guide' Tom Wolfe I got the proper kids touring gear, and we were off to K-Country while the girls were still in bed. This does not particularly mean we had an early start, the gals just enjoyed another extended sleep in session on the last day of Easter holidays. After a quick stop at the Bagel Co. for a coffee for dad and a cinnamon bun for Luka we reached the north chute of Mt. Buller 45min later.
All I can say now is that Luka was on fire the whole time. I thought we only go up for a couple hundred meters and call it the day, but he was pushing for the summit- so we kept going.
The steep top slope we boot packed straight up, which Luka found very exiting. There was about 25 cm of new powder on top of a supportive melt freeze crust, which was very confidence inspiring and made for great skiing.
Luka topping out on the corniced 'summit ridge' high above Spray Lakes, after 850m of vertical ascent.
A great run down and some treads downtown Canmore topped up the almost perfect day. I use the word 'almost' since Luka is still too young to properly celebrate the day with a beer, like his proud Papa. Now I know what makes a better day than Heli Skiing with your son...

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