Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The arctic air is back

A couple of days ago the cold and dry air from the north moved in and we finally get to see the mountains again. The skiing has been fantastic to say the least, and the stability, specially below treeline, has improved dramatically. The picture above shows the views of our highest point in the area, Mt. Syncline. I had to go up there yesterday evening to clean of the rimed up solar panels of our radio repeater. Pretty special to hang out there for half an hour watching the sunset with nobody else around for about 50km. I was still thankful for the heli to pick me up before dark, minus 28 degrees and a stiff north wind made the good buy from this amazing spot easier.
These images both show the run Tetragon, where I got buried 2 winters ago by an avalanche. The guys on top with their beautiful figure 8ths are Michael from London and Robbert from Amsterdam, they ski with me every year the past 17 winters. Always special when they come and we can offer them some great skiing, it's like skiing with friends.

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