Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Ice climbing season is upon us

Sacre Bleu always makes for a good early season outing. The climb lies high in a shady bowl on Mt. Rundle and forms without failure early season. You wanna get it before there is too much snow in the huge avalanche factory above the climb. She's right in your face when you drive on the Trans Canada Highway from Canmore to Banff, so no need to walk for hours to check on conditions.
Therefore it was somewhat a surprise that, although she is standing proud since well over a week, we were the first ones up there this year. Given the fact that every ice climber in town is super keen to touch ice, it was a real treat to get virgin ice without line ups.

the first and last sun of the day
she's a beauty!
Sepp Hochlahner's first ice climb in Canada
A virgin on virgin ice.

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