Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whyte Museum and Family hikes

October in the Rockies, so far so good.
Seems really busy to me, although I'm not really working these days.
My Wife Kimbi is doing her shifts in the climbing gym part of the newly built Canmore Multi plex, 
or better and cooler "Elevation Place"- therefore I keep myself busy driving the kids 
'to and fro' various venues after school. It's funny how you can suddenly transform into a
 'stay at home Papa', 
after being the sole provider for the past 3 months and gone most of the time, especially the whole month of September. Trying to bond again with the kids is definitely a new challenge which I welcome and enjoy so far. Winter work is starting soon and there will be 
way to long a times apart from each other.
Winter came early to the Rockies, by mid October we some of us had (or read could have had) 
good ice climbing conditions in the higher alpine regions and some Ueber keeners have been skiing on the zee glazzchiers.
  Above picture shows a close up of the magnificent lines in the upper part of Lefroy,
seen from Sentinel Pass. Objective Hazard? you judge for yourself.

A few pictures of mine are to be seen at an exhibition in the Whyte Museum in Banff.
One of my images was chosen to be the feature image of the exhibition 
and has been all over the local newspapers. 
I feel very privileged to have some of my pictures presented amongst very respected photographers like 
Pierre Lemire, Roger Laurilla, Greg Yavorsky and Brad White, to just name a few.

And then we had a fair bid of hiking time this fall.
 Luka surprisingly really enjoyed it and he was the one pushing for it. 
Bella had to tag along a couple of outings, 
and although it took a bit of convincing sometimes, she has been a trooper. 
It's a lot of footsteps up Sentinel Pass for a little 7 year old.
 Our return to Larch meadows got celebrated with a big hug,
now civilization and car is within reach!
Mts Babel and Fay,
15 years earlier I climbed the other side of Babel with Mama Kimbi,
back then the first female ascent of the east Face and maybe still the only one so far.
The famous fall colors of Larch Valley, maybe a week too late for it's prime, but still impressive.

Bellas 'back walk over' on Sentinel Pass.
Just above the Pass with Mt. Levroy behind,
stunning icelines for the future are already to go...
Not bad for Thanksgiving.

Bonfire at the "Playground" 
At the Summit of Mt. Yamnuska early October
stunning fall colors below. 
Luka seemingly excited to be amongst the "Master Mixers"

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