Thursday, October 3, 2013

another Summer in the Alps

It has become a bad habit of mine not to post anything on this site during my stay in Europe.
It's not because of bad JuJu, there is simply not enough time between guiding, family and old friends 
to sit in front of a computer.
And then, back in Canada, I don't know what to write anymore...
the last three and a half months feel like waking up after a gorgeous dream and only remembering some bits and pieces.
here are some of those flashbacks...
after my arrival I went almost straight to a guides exam 
to the Oetztal Alps.
still lots of snow due to a very bad spring, but this would change soon 
the main objectives of this exam were short roping on alpine ridges 
and mixed terrain, plus classic ice faces up to 60 degrees.
Fast forward to my last days in Europe, here at the rock exam 
at the Wilder Kaiser at the end of September.
Short roping (above) and alpine rock routes (below)
were high on the agenda.
Michael, a young candidate,
between multiple rain showers at the Verdon like rock
of the Waidringer Steinplatte.
Max at one of the best cliffs above my hometown,
high and north facing was the key to success most of the summer.
One of my best friends and most steady climbing partners, 
on one of the big north faces we climbed together during
 the heat of the Summer

rare sunlight on the 800m north face of the Zwoelferkofel
above the village of Sexten

Beautiful, but crowded as usual, at least during the high season-
the area close to my hometown Lienz with the highest mountains 
Austria has to offer.
On the way to Austrias highest mountain, the mighty Grossglockner.
"Phantom der Zinne" at the north face of Cima Grande di Lavaredo,
another adventure with Christian

Typical run out climbing at the Tre Cime, 
at least you don't hit anything in case of a fall.

Seeking shelter in world war one caves during one of the rare 
thundershowers of this Summer.

Kimbi on our annual multi pitch adventure in the Dolomites, Oma is watching the kids.
My son Luka developed a taste for multi pitch climbing and  real summits,
We climbed a couple of long routes together,
followed of course by a nice treat or two at the hut on the way down.
a proud Luka with the Karlsbader Hut awaiting us with it's Apfelstrudel and cold beer.

Bella learning the jump technique in order to take the slack out of the system
A very special reunion climb with my slightly older brother Walter,
28 years after our last climb together.
With my good friend and Mountain Guide Lisi on my last real climbing day in the Dolomites,
we participated in a fun climbing comp called DOLOROCK and it was a blast.
Hope to see you all next year!

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