Friday, December 16, 2011

Man Yoga

Raphael and I finally got around to synchronize a day off, which gave us a chance to try out the latest addition to the Stanley Headwall. Man Yoga is predominantly a rock route with a mix of bolt protection and lots of good natural gear. 4 pitches of this give you access to very aesthetic finish on steep ice. The picture below show the route on the day of our ascent, as you can see the rock is pretty snow covered, which resolved in a lot of time consuming cleaning and hard to find placements. Despite the less than ideal conditions Raph managed the first onsight ascent of the route, gratulations!
leading the all natural gear pitch one.
pitch 2 was probably the hardest lead of the day, due to the snow covered, slabby nature.

pitch 3
pitch 4
pitch 5
All the smaller images or the ones you can see a yellow jacket are curtesy of Raphael Slawinski.

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