Monday, June 14, 2010

sunshine again

Finally, after another week of rain we got blessed with a couple of nice days over the weekend. The last rain shower went through town Friday evening and said good bye to the bad weather with this rainbow east of town.
Saturday I went with Derek up to the Lookout, where we enjoyed the Sunshine amongst 20 other climbers. This is definitely a new record for this area, usually you are up there alone. therefore I got a chance to photograph some other faces, which was a nice treat. Unfortunately their outfits match the ones from my regular climbing partners, so the climber as the main object does not stand out as much as you hope for. Thanks Scott, no shirt is better than a grey one, maybe Catherine (shown above on Midget, a popular 11b warm up) can do the same the next time as an eye candy.
Sunday I joined Andrew Wexler for a training day at Back of the Lake. The weekend combined with the beautiful weather certainly draw the crowds to this popular spot, but we still managed to get a big day of climbing in, I'm still sore from the strenuous climbing there. We were the last climbers to walk out and we got to see a Grizzly bear mum with two cute cubs, the first ones for me this year and hopefully the last. The result of the two day weather window: 20 pitches of sport climbing in the 11b to 12c range, which should give my weak endurance a bit of a boost. Looks like we are in for another week of rain though.

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