Sunday, June 6, 2010

gray on grey

Despite some pretty bad weather lately I got lucky on a couple of climbing days with weather and partners. This is a picture of Todd a few days ago at the Hideaway, the area at the entrance to Echo Canyon. Excellent, compact limestone with about 20 hard to read routes in the 5.11 to 12 range. Surprisingly I've only climbed a couple of routes there so far a few years back, although I must have walked by the cliff on the way to the Coliseum or the Lookout at least 40 times by now. This time around we finally made the Hideaway our destination, and we climbed a few really good routes up there. Still a lot to explore so close to home.Since Ryan was with us I had a chance to try out my lens a bit, but after the gray fashion show of my conservative Canadian climbing partners I gave up pretty quick. A picture without colors is like a dead desert, nothing there of interest. The picture above gives you at least an idea of the excellent rock quality of the featured stone you can encounter up there.

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